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You are expected to deliver results - your projects always within budget and on time, to make the right decisions, to embody the values and to empower your people. Not forgetting that you are to build excellent relationships with key stakeholders, totally immerse yourself in the change programme, manage your career successfully and stay positive and calm.

On a bad day, you know that you are the only one not on an ego trip.

Email overload. A confused signal from the Chairman. Your voice not being heard. A relationship issue verging on malignant. These may be part of your reality too.

We all expect our leaders to satisfy our fantasy of the ideal. And we expect that of ourselves too.

So, since we are all human, there is some truth in the statement that leading requires you to disappoint people at a rate that they can digest - an unappetising idea.

Happily, there is a safety valve.

All successful people have someone they can turn to. Someone who will listen, support, prod and challenge. Sometimes you just want another perspective, your imagination stimulated and your eyes opened. At other times you want help to recognise your blind spots.

We can take on this role and give high quality practical support - whether it's about decision making, handling conflict, influencing, chairing meetings with authority, presenting or any other aspect of your working life where you would like to 'do better'.

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