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We all fear confrontation. And rightly so.

It takes us to the edge of our comfort zone. We face chaos and life becomes all too risky. We want to stay calm but fear we'll 'lose it'. And losing it certainly isn't OK.

So we say: "let's not get into that". And then we feel bad that we've backed off.

We often confuse conflict with confrontation. Confrontation is only one part of it. Conflict often shows up much earlier - in the gossip, in the way you hope you won't bump into someone around the corner. In reality it is everywhere. Don't we even talk of internal conflicts?

Avoidance is only telling us that we aren't ready. We might have to say or do things that are too difficult for us - or feel feelings that are too uncomfortable. Our imagination fails us too. We can't see this leading anywhere good.

Yet, we also know that conflict well resolved leads to breakthroughs - profound insights, closer partnerships and more energised organisations.

At the CLR we have immersed ourselves in the dynamics of the process and the resolution of conflict. We are constantly amazed - and delighted - at the resourcefulness that we can help people to discover in themselves.

If you know that you thrive in conflict and can survive its most difficult moments, a whole new world opens up for you. You and the teams that you lead will be more confident, more flexible and more able to deal with whatever the world throws at you.
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