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Here are some of the books on different aspects of leadership, in no particular order, that we have found useful and often return to. They are not quick fix guides. You will need you to devote time and effort to them. We have found the payback well worth it. Most of these authors have written other books also worth reading.

Dialogue - and the art of thinking together.
By William Isaacs (Introduction by Peter Senge)
ISBN 0-385-47999-9. Currency.
By the Lecturer at MIT School of Management. Powerful analysis of the process of dialogue, full of provocative ideas, theory and practice.

Leadership without easy answers
By Ronald A Heifetz
ISBN 0-674-51858-6 Belknap Press of Harvard University Press
Director of Leadership Education at JFK School of Government, Harvard. Powerful analysis of leadership, developed in his further book, Leadership on the Line.

The Leader as Martial Artist.
By Arnold Mindell
ISBN 0-06-250614-5 HarperSanFrancisco
A dynamic approach to leadership and conflict resolution work. "Order can be discovered in chaos if we have the patience to follow instead of programming nature." He has written many other books and is the founder of Process Oriented Psychology.

Deep Change - discovering the leader within.
By Robert E Quinn
ISBN 0-7879-0244-6. Jossey-Bass
Professor at Michigan School of Business. It's either Deep Change or slow death. It's down to you. Not as methodical as some books but with interesting exercises at the end of the chapters.

The Power of Intuition - how to use your gut feelings to make better decisions at work
By Gary Klein
ISBN 0-385 - 50289-3 Currency
Shows how intuition can be developed to make better decisions.

Influence - science and practice
By Robert B Cialdini
ISBN 0-321-01147-3 Allyn & Bacon
Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University. Interesting on how we are unwittingly influenced into making decisions.

How the way we talk can change the way we work
By Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey
ISBN 0-7879-6378-X Jossey-Bass
Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development and Research Director Harvard. Well described and effective seven step process to understand some hidden assumptions displayed in how we talk.

The inner game of work - overcoming mental obstacles for maximum performance
By Timothy Gallwey
ISBN 1-58799-047-4 Thomson Texere
Makes it all so easy. An engaging read.

On Organisational Learning
By Chris Argyris
ISBN 0-631-21308-2 Blackwell Publishing
Professor Harvard Business School. Very learned and quite hard going but shows how we live one value and espouse another - so as not to embarrass or threaten people.

By Peter Senge and others
ISBN 1 85788 355-1 Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Taking the thinking of the man behind the Fifth Discipline a stage further. In a format of a continuing conversation between the four authors that may not be to everyone's taste, they try by their example to develop the language for some of the more personal aspects of leading in our current tumultuous epoch.

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