Richard Dening
BA (Oxon) BCL Barrister
Member of the Association for Coaching

Richard started to specialise in interview skills training in 1989, after a successful twenty year career as a barrister. He had had a mixed practice with plenty of court work.

All that experience in speaking, listening, planning lines of enquiry and questioning people in tense public situations, now comes with a wholly positive agenda. It is to help people in one of the most demanding circumstances of ordinary life - the job interview. And there to help them to communicate with distinction, to deal with the unexpected and to express themselves in ways that capture the imagination.

He soon became the specialist in interview skills and interview technique for well known outplacement and career management companies in the City and the West End. He has trained groups of consultants, both in the UK and in Europe, in how to make the most of a coaching session. He became the interview specialist for senior executives on top leadership programmes.

He combines a tested structure with developing his client's ability to use powerful language and personal imagery. His interest in presence and personal impact, the art of persuasion and decision-making all contribute to this effectiveness.

He has also made an in depth study of techniques used in training actors. He can offer powerful tools to his clients from this extensive body of learning, which bring playfulness to what can be a relentlessly serious period in someone's life.

He has taught interview skills to a whole span of people, from University graduates to very successful CEOs, CFOs and top Civil Servants, to senior officers in the Services. He has worked with people from the finance sector, telecoms, IT companies, major manufacturers and retailers, law firms and patent agents. And on several occasions clients have sent their children to him for help at the start of their careers.

Since 1987 he has studied Process Oriented Psychology (POP) under its founder Arnold Mindell. He has been trustee of the charity (RSPOPUK) responsible for teaching this work in the UK and also Chair of the Political Action Group of the UK Council of Psychotherapists. He is a member of the Philharmonia Orchestra Friends Committee.

His two full length film scripts are still waiting to be turned into successful blockbusters.

He now combines the work as interview guru (a name he is frequently called in public) with that as a writer.

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