"Enter Richard Dening. He took me apart, put me back together again and sent me home with the video to watch and analyse. Within days I had two firm job offers. It was invaluable."
Major General now running a Charity

"The couple of hours Richard and I spent together was invaluable. Indeed I found it the most interesting and informative couple of hours of coaching that I had received for many a year."

Major General seeking high profile role in public arena

"Invaluable coaching. I am sure your advice will be of enormous benefit to many more in the future." (Richard)
Adviser to Prime Minister of former Eastern bloc country

"Another Dening success. I am most grateful for your excellent coaching and advice. The video tape is a really excellent medium for learning and rehearsal."

Director (just appointed), National Charity

"The coaching that you (Richard) gave me was directly applicable in the three interviews. I was conscious of using it in the one/one and panel sessions to good effect on several occasions. Thanks for the invaluable assistance."

Technical Director of Regulatory Authority

"I was selected for the appointment and I reckon that the advice that you (Richard) gave me was crucial . No doubt there are many other individuals who also have benefited from your help and straightforward advice and I hope that you can continue to pass on your experience to others."

General Secretary of national Charitable Association

"It was one of the most enhancing experiences of my life and has given me real insight into myself. I walked down the High Street grinning from ear to ear. I very much appreciate what you (Richard) did."

Successful applicant
Senior Regional Manager for National Charity

"I would never have landed the job without the session I had with Richard"

Head of Facilites Management at major Bank

"Thank you for your excellent training and immensely helpful advice and guidance - it plainly worked very well."

Successful applicant for role as Circuit Judge

"Thank you very much for the outstanding advice and assistance. (Richard) As a result I was able to concentrate on the key issues. I completely restructured my presentation last week and it was very well received. I know your help was instrumental in my success."

Director, leading Insurance Company

"I have learnt a significant amount and with your support (Linda) have been able to put it to good practice. Using the foundation of skills, techniques and encouragement you have given me, I am consistently surprised at the success I am having."

Director, Software House

"Working with Linda has enabled me to unlock and explore some of the things that have been holding me back. The sessions always open up new options and challenge me."

Team leader of Government Agency


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